Give our communities a voice

Input and guidance from the community is critical for development projects that occur throughout New Castle County.  I will ensure open communication between our communities and county government by hosting town hall meetings throughout the county.

Improve program accessibility for our seniors and youth

Delaware offers a lot of great services, but they are often difficult to locate and access. Our communities are stronger when we work together. I will enhance program accessibility for our most vulnerable populations through streamlining services with our partner programs.

Restore confidence between county leadership, county employees, and our communities

Establishing and implementing an ethical accountability plan will provide a truly transparent government. This plan will give our employees a clear and unprecedented understanding of their role in public service and provide our citizens and employees a method to provide feedback regarding county services.

Create a strong workforce for a recovering economy

Our small businesses and corporations require access to a skilled workforce. I will support an economic development plan that encourages the growth of small businesses, which is the bedrock of a strong economy.  Assessing the needs of our local businesses and partnering with relevant stakeholders, educational institutions and apprenticeship programs will enhance economic growth and sustainability.